Orange Florimpex Srl is a leader in importation and marketing of cut flowers.

With decades of experience, a careful selection of suppliers, the widespread sales network operates primarily in Northern Italy and the Adriatic regions and the vast assortment makes Orange Florimpex the ideal partner for wholesalers and florists.


Orange Florimpex Srl is located in Pescia at the new flower market. Our company is dedicated to importing flowers internationally from every part of the world. Their sale is primarily focused on the Italian market. We want to give this company a modern impact without losing sight of our commercial traditions and specific knowlege of the sector. The Tuscan region, where we are located, has always played an important role in the national and European scenario for production and marketing of flowers. We were born and raised in this sector, always attempting to understand the changes, crossing every border created for us.


Orange Florimpex Srl is characterized by the wide range of fresh and exclusive flowers of excellent quality, with the possibility of delivering products directly to the customers (by mail), which include businesses, florists, greenhouses and wedding planners. Thanks to our cash and carry plan, flowers may be purchased directly from our point of sale at the flower market. The business is distinguished by the capacity to monitor sellers’ purchases, so that the customer is always updated on the assortment and qualities of products available. The Orange is, today more than ever, young, open and flexible as a company that offers products from all corners of the world, while keeping an eye focused on still valid local production and selecting active and reliable producers. Great attention is also given to logistics, continuously optimizing the transport and packaging of our precious flowers.


Our product range is composed of:

  • Roses imported from Ecuador, Colombia and Kenya
  • Gypsophila from Ecuador
  • Carnations from Colombia
  • Ornamental greens imported from Israel
  • Thai orchids
  • Summer flowers imported from Ecuador and Kenya
  • Leather ferns imported from Costa Rica
  • Local Italian product

Ensuring the utmost quality and offering an endless assortment of products, Orange Florimpex always hears its clients' requests.